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About us

We differentiate ourselves from other event agencies as we focus in first place on emotions. A beautiful celebration is not only flowers and decoration, not only photographs and great food. 

A beautiful celebration – is in the first place happiness,… tears in the eyes of you and your guests. That is what you will remember afterward, and for the rest of your lives.


We listen to the client, and that is why we try to find for each client the right type of contractors. Because a good celebration, is the collaboration of the client and the agency.

We work in various budge ranges.


The most important to us, is rich impressions for each guest who comes to your event.

We are a young team. And it means we are full of enthusiasm and ready to work as much as needed to get to the perfect result.


We like as much to work on a small chamber wedding for 25 guests in a small venue, or a large festivity at a palace.

We, are a international team, we are based in Brussels, a city that houses more than 100 languages. In our work we combine Flemish accuracy, French charm, British elegance and Russian passion.


We love projects where we can leverage the uniqueness and specialties of various cultures. The languages in our team are English, Dutch and Russian.